Virtual Admin Assistance

Streamline the daily, weekly and monthly task

Great Valley Advisor Group allows their advisors access to a virtual securities registered administrative assistant with Great Valley Advisor Group. This opportunity will help keep you organized, allow more time for clients, and ultimately create new business opportunities. Our registered staff will help you remain focused on gathering and managing assets by systemizing and streamlining the daily, weekly and monthly tasks of running your business. You will receive the full support of an assistant, for a fraction of the price.

Some of those service include:

  1. Add new clients into the system*
  2. Produce all forms/documentation and process accordingly
  3. Process trades/transactions/money movements/journals, etc.
  4. Resolve system notifications
  5. Obtain duplicate statement/tax

*GVA provides each advisor with a fillable client profile form. This must be provided with all the required information in order to properly enter the individual initially into BranchNet.


The Great Valley Advisor Group model is built to support today’s advisor. We pride ourselves on our size and provide each advisor with the personal attention they deserve.

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