Build the business you’ve always wanted.

State of the art RIA model
Great Valley Advisor Group is built on a state of the art RIA platform, either allowing advisors to focus on both commission-based brokerage business and fee-based advisory business, or fee-based advisory business only. Our focus is aimed on taking you from where you are today and seamlessly deliver you into the private practice space.

Our continued success is based on our advisors
GVA has many competitors in the RIA arena, but GVA does more than just offer transition and compliance support. Our continued success is based on our advisors, and helping them progress. Every RIA platform should offer transition and compliance support, but at GVA, that’s only the beginning. It’s what GVA offers after the transition that truly gives the advisor the “value-add” they need to thrive as a private practice.

GVA understands that every advisor is different

Our customized model and a la carte solutions allows each advisor to design their company in a way that allows them to break free from the cookie cutter models that wirehouses and other broker dealers force them to operate in.

The GVA Experience is based on a phased approach, and uses the latest technology to make sure you’re successful.

  • Map out your goals
    A sound plan helps alleviate the transition burden.
  • Plug & Play vs. New Branding
    Looking to create a new brand or join an existing? Our team will help you complete an office build-out, or join an existing DBA.
  • Review the customized transition plan
    A customized transition plan is developed for you and your team.
  • Learn about new technology
    It can be overwhelming learning about new systems and technology. Let our technology consultants assist you with making these decisions.
  • Compliance Standards
    The regulatory space is constantly changing. GVA helps make sure you are one step ahead of the game by offering access to tools and training.
  • Spend some time with legal
    Each advisor has the opportunity to discuss their current contract with a legal expert. Should additional time be necessary, GVA’s outside counsel is available.
  • Meet your support team
    Building a trust-worthy relationship with the team helping with your paperwork is crucial.
  • Administrative tasks
    Consider the documents you will need before moving away from your current firm, and feel confident it won’t expose you to legal liability.
  • Stick with the plan
    Review the original plan and stick with it. GVA will make sure you stay on course the moment your securities registrations transfer.
  • Touchbase meetings
    Weekly, or even daily, meetings are crucial at first. Once integrated into our Online Portal, it allows us to manage change through meetings and follow ups.
  • Discuss the positive impact of change
    GVA will make sure you have what it takes to help your clients understand why the new solution may be a better fit.
  • Active Management vs. Third Party Money Managers
    The ability the customize your business model.

There’s no one model that will work for every advisor.
Ultimately, the GVA model is built for scalability,
and we try to customize each advisor solution.