GVA Launches a Proprietary Salesforce Risk Questionnaire

GVA advisors may now send risk questionnaires directly to their clients from within their Salesforce account. This new technology allows the advisor to gather important risk information through an online questionnaire taken by the client. Once the client completes their risk questionnaire, a record is created in Salesforce, and the appropriate risk score populates on their profile.

Want to send questionnaires weekly, quarterly, annually? No problem! The frequency is up to you, as each response will create a new record under the client, and save any of the old responses within the system. You may either send the questionnaire directly to the client, or complete while in the office during a meeting.

Earlier this year GVA introduced their fact finder for initial account opening. A quick secure link which helps the advisor gather important client information for opening up accounts in good order. We have integrated both to ensure your client opens their account and gathers a risk score right from the start, leaving the meeting to talk about their accounts and not paperwork.

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