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In-house proprietary strategies built specifically for GVA advisors

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GVA Asset Management

Our Asset Management team, headquartered in Paoli, PA, manages a variety of investment models for clients to choose from that range from all-stock to fully diversified allocations.

With over $400M in client assets, this program has grown significantly by providing a streamlined service for advisors looking to gain back their time. 

ETF & Blend Models 

Very Conservative

True North



Very Aggressive

Equity Only Models

Large Capitalization Stock

Mid Capitalization Stock

Dividend Focused
Dividend “All-Stock” Model

GVA Asset Management Benefits Include:

  • Bonus Program*
  • E-money subscription included*
  • Proprietary New Account Opening Process 
    • Risk questionnaire & fact finder integrated with Salesforce 
  • Investment strategy marketing documentation 
  • Published Performance (monthly, quarterly, and annual performance numbers)**
  • Back office solutions 
    • Statement comparisons 
  • Rebalancing & Model changes/updates  
  • No trading fees 
  • Performance reporting 
  • Move money requests integrated with Salesforce 
    • Distributions/contributions included

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“We seek opportunity in the markets by combining innovative finance and investment knowledge with a comprehensive process that focuses on competitive advantage which we believe is the primary driver of value. We invest in companies or managers with the highest competitive advantage.”


10% Equity / 90% Fixed Income

Anchor provides the lowest risk-for-return option. It focuses on ultra-low risk to help provide preservation of capital through a heavy weighting to fixed income. It is most appropriate for investors who are primarily risk averse and have a very short term time horizon, generally less than five years.

This type of strategy will generally provide more income than growth and is more suitable for investors who desire a steady stream of income over any expectation of capital appreciation. The portfolio in this strategy generally holds cash and cash equivalents and high-quality fixed-income instruments.

Anchor is generally allocated to 10% equity and 90% fixed income.

Anchor Fact Sheet

True North

25% Equity / 75% Fixed Income

The True North strategy is designed to provide for more stability and less risk. It is meant for an investor who is drawn away from average risk.

It provides a tilt towards conservative for the investor who seeks the stability of fixed income over the variability of equity. Therefore, this strategy allocates higher weight to fixed income versus equity growth investments.

The strategy is also more suitable for the short to intermediate term investor, generally with a time horizon of five years. True North is generally allocated to 25% equity and 75% fixed income.

True North Fact Sheet


50% Equity / 50% Fixed Income

The Oasis model provides a balanced mix of equity and fixed income across the growth and income spectrum. This strategy is more suitable for an average longer-term risk tolerance, not too aggressive but not too conservative.

It is meant for investors with an intermediate to longer time horizon, generally in the 5 to 10-year range. The overall goal of this strategy is to provide both capital appreciation and income generation.

Investors who seek this strategy are attracted to the balance of risk for the return they receive. Oasis is generally allocated to 50% equity and 50% fixed income.

Oasis Fact Sheet


75% Equity / 25% Fixed Income

The Windward model is intended for those who desire a higher level of risk, yet still prefer to remain slightly below the highest level of risk. The focus on this strategy is long term capital appreciation over a longer than average time horizon, generally in the 5 to 10-year range. Someone in this strategy can expect above average volatility as the market rises and falls.

However, the volatility most likely will be dampened as compared to a riskier model due to a slightly higher weight to fixed income.

Windward is generally allocated to 75% equity and 25% fixed income.

Windward Fact Sheet


90% Equity / 10% Fixed Income

The Titan model is suitable for those who are comfortable taking on the highest level of risk, have a long-term horizon (generally 10+ years) and do not need immediate access to the money invested. The investment objective is appreciation of capital rather than safety of principal or income generation.

This more aggressive strategy invests in positions primarily held in stocks, ETFs and stock mutual funds along with a small weight to bond mutual funds and/or bond ETFs.

Titan is generally allocated to 90% equity and 10% fixed income.

Titan Fact Sheet

*Bonus program is based on overall production.
**LPL Financial offers a program called the RIA Hybrid Investment Performance Oversight (HIPO) program. This is a structured program designed to allow RIAs an opportunity to have performance of investment models verified by an independent, third party auditor to allow their performance to be reviewed and approved in a controlled manner for public distribution. HIPO ensures that performance advertising materials are in line with the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 206(4) as well as LPL’s supervisory duties for the validation of performance computations, assets under management, composite, investment suitability and RIA record keeping requirements.

In order to comply with the HIPO program, an RIA must engage an LPL-approved performance verification firm to perform an initial review and an annually recurring review of their performance advertising. Great Valley Advisor Group engaged the services of Alpha Performance Verification Services after confirming with LPL they are an approved firm. Alpha Performance Verification Services reviewed all Valor Asset Management performance, calculations and results for calendar years 2017, 2018 and 2019 and has confirmed that Valor Asset Management meets the requirements of the HIPO program on a firm-wide basis. A compliant presentation of Valor Asset Management’s results and a verification letter from Alpha Verification Services is attached here.