GVA built AdvisorBOB© with one focus in mind. You.

Revolutionary Financial Advisor Compensation Software

GVA built AdvisorBOB© with one focus in mind. You. AdvisorBOB© is a revolutionary financial advisor software developed in-house, that focuses on properly calculating and paying advisors their advisory fees. Whether you are a stand-alone advisor, or have a mutli-advisor firm, let us alleviate your compensation headaches.

This secure online portal provides firms full visibility into their different income channels, and helps track advisory fees, affiliation costs, split account percentages, expenses, and more. 

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Top Features & Functionality

  • AUM or Flat-Fee/Subscription Billing
  • Full fee & payout transparency
  • Adjustments (One-time & Recurring)
  • Advisor and admin portal
  • Financial plans (One-time & Recurring)
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Did you know?

You can enable delegate access for branch manager, solicitors, or additional admins for visibility.


  • Use built-in reports to perform quick analysis of your advisory fees for any selected pay period(s)
  • Expansive reporting section with the capability to request custom reports
  • Export details or reports for your book of business
  • Run firm wide reports, or drill down for more specific rep ID information
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