Transition Support

We will be with you every step of the way throughout the transition process.

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Going independent

One of the biggest concerns with going independent is the transition process. At Great Valley Advisor Group (GVA), we understand that change can be difficult, and have built a dedicated transitions team and program to ensure you efficiently move your clients over in a timely matter.

When joining GVA, we will be with you every step of the way throughout the transition process.

Our customized in house solution will focus on the following items:

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Transition Plan

A customized transition plan that outlines each major milestone before your “Go” date

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Dedicated Contact

A dedicated contact from the integration team at LPL Financial

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Contract Review

Optional contract review with
LPL’s legal team

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In house developed proprietary applications, OnboardWithEase©, to help prepopulate transfer forms and input information into the proper systems

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Online Tools

Online secure centralized repository, netdocuments, for transition documentation storage

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Marketing consultation with our partner, Snap Creative Marketing

Our goal at GVA is to make sure you get the attention and assistance you deserve. 

Don’t believe us? We have transitioned a diverse group of advisors who would love to share their experiences with you.

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The GVA Tech Stack

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Advisor Compensation & Valuation

AdvisorBOB (Book Of Business) was built in-house and is GVA’s proprietary advisor compensation software. A dynamic platform for stand-alone advisors, or multi-advisor offices.

Learn more about AdvisorBOB

GVA Online Portal

Customized Salesforce CRM

A fully customized Salesforce solution for the entire office. GVA built this platform from feedback from our advisors.

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Secure Documentation Storage

Integrated with GVA’s Online Portal, NetDocuments allows you to conveniently access important RIA documents from within your Salesforce account.

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Performance Reporting, Trading, & Account Aggregation

Advisors who hold assets at any of our custodians have the ability to utilize the Orion platform. In addition to next-generation reporting, tools for trading, and business intelligence help fuel our advisors continued growth.

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Document Automation Software

All compliance documents requiring advisor signatures are built out in PandaDoc for easy completion and review.