Ways to Affiliate

We offer multiple affiliation options at GVA.

Build your business simply

Advisor office build-outs just got easier! See where your independence lies. Understand your affiliation and select your office build-out, GVA does the rest.

Affiliation Options

Which advisor are you?

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Great Valley Advisor Group CCOx
Great Valley Advisor Group OSJx
Administration Feesxx
Customized CRM System
Orion Partnershipx
GVA Investment Strategiesx
Errors and Omissions Insurance*$$$$$$
Transition Assistance**++++++
GVA 401K Consulting
Succession Solutions

*The more dollar signs there are, the more E&O will cost for that affiliation option.
**The more plus signs there are, the more transition assistance there is available for that affiliation option.

The Autonomous Advisor

Upon Request Service

“I want the freedom to build almost everything myself. I have strengths in real estate, staffing, and office set up. I want to build my business individually but leverage Great Valley Advisor Group’s (GVA) network and resources. Belonging to a community of successful advisors is my goal.”

The Integrated Advisor

Collaboration that works

“I have my own book but value the benefit of working with my peers. I am interested in joining an existing firm. I need help navigating this plug and play model. Utilizing Great Valley Advisor Group’s (GVA) advisor network will help me find the right office that fits me. I am looking for assistance with finding office space. I need GVA to help me integrate by book, set up my billing and payouts, custodial platforms, and technology.

The Guided Advisor

With you every step of the way

“My book is growing, and I am ready to go independent. I am not looking to join another practice as I want to establish my own DBA. I am excited to venture out on my own, but I need assistance. I am looking for Great Valley Advisor Group (GVA) to help with everything from real estate/office space to a company logo.  I am also looking for help with streamlining operations, creating marketing materials, bookkeeping, website/domain setup and money management.